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Uruguay – Corporación Vial de Uruguay – Free-Flow Gantry in route Centenario.

First Free Flow Toll Control and Collection System Developed and Implemented by Telectrónica.

Our Free Flow Gateway is currently operating in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, Ruta Centenario, with one year of operation it has processed more than 1,500,000 transits with a detection percentage by volumetric classification higher than 99.85%.

It consists of a barrier-free, agile and efficient bidirectional system, which was 100% integrated with the existing systems developed by Telectrónica. It also has multiple classification methods (Volumetric or Image Analytics).

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Peru- Lima Expresa – Payment with Credit and Debit Cards on the Lane

Telectrónica has implemented collection through the use of contactless Credit and Debit Cards on the lane for it client Lima Expresa in Peru.
In this case, the collection scheme provided by Izipay has been integrated into the Toll Control and Collection System, which facilitates the incorporation of these payment forms to those already existing on the lanes (Cash, RFID Tags, others)

For more details, access the following note:

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Argentina – Corredores Viales S.A. – Upgrade Manual Lanes

Telectrónica has implemented the migration of forty-six (46) manual collection lanes for its client Corredores Viales in its Section IX that includes the Ricchieri Highway and the Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway.
The migration tasks, which were carried out in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, have been developed in a transparent manner for the end users of the Concessionaire, who continued used the Highway without operational inconveniences.

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New Products – Level 4 – Management Reports

Telectrónica presents a new Report Module for its TCP-TOLL System aimed at generating the corporate information required by the Management Level of a Concessionaire Corporation as a fast and agile tool when making decisions.
Some of the reports included in it are:

  • Statistics by Categories
  • Statistics by Payment Methods
  • Statistics by Plaza
  • Statistics by Hour
  • Validation Statistics (Transits without anomalies, and anomaly by type)
  • Time taken by vehicles between Toll plazas
  • Statistics of Number of passes per vehicle
New reports can be issued upor request

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New Products – DAC Emulator

Telectrónica presents a new application that allows emulating a payment lane connected to the Lane own PC.
This Application has been specially developed to meet the needs of the Technical Maintenance personnel of Road Concessions, both for repair tasks or for simulation and testing of the System.
With the use of the DAC Emulator, no associated hardware is required.


  •  Exact implementation of the physical DAC.
  • Simulation of the PC IO board.
  • Simulation of vehicles pass of different categories.
  • Sensor failure simulation


  • Computer with Windows 7 or higher
  • Serial port emulator (com0com free version)

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Ecuador – Panavial – PINTAG Toll Station

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, operating remotely, Telectrónica in cooperation with the Technical staff of the Systems Department and with the Operations staff of PANAVIAL has complete the implementation and start-up of the new Toll Control System of PINTAG Toll Plaza.

This Plaza has eight (8) Lanes in which different payment forms are accepted such as cash, contactless chip cards and RFID Tags, all complying with the fiscal requirements imposed by the Electronic Billing Process provided by the Service of Internal Revenues (SRI) of Ecuador.

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