We have more than 33 years of experience in the development of Toll Control Systems, with continuous permanence in the market.

Our experience is supported by the more than 1800 lanes installed in our Clients distributed in 8 Latin American countries.


Our Strengths


We have a Team of professionals who are experts in Engineering and the Development of our Integral Solutions.


We adapt our processes to the business requirements of our clients.

Data Management

We assume the CUSTOMER as the OWNER OF THE DATA. Our solutions are oriented to the correct management of the same.

Post-sale Services

We provide efficient technical support on an ongoing basis to our Clients.


Our Evolution over Time

Technological Evolution

We are known for being a Company in constant development and evolution, always bringing cutting-edge technology in our Control Systems and Toll Collection Solutions.

Evolution of Upgrades

We have executed different System Migrations from a wide range of competitive suppliers, managing to reduce the impact on the operation and minimize the risks of loss of income, allways in a permanent Management and Collaboration with the Client.


Start of Activities
Own Development Equipment
Flat files / DBF

Telectrónica begins its activities in the development and provision of Toll Collection and Control Systems.
The System has dedicated equipment of its own production.
The lane application is developed in Assembler and the Control System at Level 2 (Plaza) using DBF databases, managed by applications developed in Clipper.


PC-based Lane
Encrypted Data Management

The Lane equipment is migrated to the PC environment under DOS and the Data Management is improved into a Data Model based in DBF databases signed by own encryption methods.
Is included the use of magnetic cards as a pay form.


Dynamic Lane Integration with 2.4 Ghz technology.

Telectrónica integrates Dynamic payment (ETC) into its Toll Systems using 2.4 Ghz technology from Combitech (Sweden).


Lane integration in Windows environment
Level 3 Incorporation - Operational Control Center (OCC)
Clearing between Plazas based on encrypted data

The first comprehensive development under Windows is implemented, using Win 95 at Level 1 (Lane) and Win 3.11 for Groups at higher levels.
Level 3 - Operational Control Center (OCC) is implemented and it is migrated to the use of relational databases (SQL 7).
Clearing between Toll Plazas is implemented.


Implementation of Dynamic Lanes with 5.8 Ghz technology
Registration of images integrated into the lane application (photographs and continuous videos)

The Level 1 application (Lane) is migrated to Win 98 and the Database Engine to SQL 2000.
At the lane level, for applications installed in other South American countries (Brazil and Ecuador), the Dynamic charging technology of 5.8 Ghz developed by Qfree and Kapsch under international standards is incorporated.
The possibility of recording images integrated into the data, both in photographs and in continuous videos, is incorporated into the lane application.


Incorporation of Centralized Validation in Level 3 (OCC)

Lane application is migrated to Win XP developed in C ++.
The Plaza and OCC data managment process is migrated to SQL 2005.
At the OCC level, Centralized Validation is incorporated as an operational process that allows the unification of tasks and reduction of specialized workload.


Implementation of the first web application System for Levels 2 (Plaza) and 3 (OCC)

Telectrónica implements in Colombia its first Web version of the Toll Control and Collection System developed under Visual Studio 2005, using SQL 2008 as Data Base Engine.


Integration of RFID technology (915 Mhz) in Dynamic Lanes.
Technological Tag Interoperability

The use of RFID technology (915 Mhz) is integrated for Dynamic payment lanes integrating the use of steacker tags.


Certification of the Electronic Invoicing Process by SUNAT in Peru.

Telectrónica is the first regional Toll Collection and Control Systems integrator to certify the on-road Electronic Billing Process in Peru for it client VPR (Via Parque Rimac).


Incorporation of the OCR / LPR process for vehicle recognition in the software Lane.
Clearing system between Plazas based on OCR / LPR.

Level 1 (Lane) application is migrated to Win 7.
Data managment is migrated to using SQL Engine 2012.
The Automatic Recognition Process (OCR / LPR) is incorporated into the lane application, thus implementing the direct enablement of the passage in the lane by reading the vehicle's plate.
It is developed a Clearing Module between Toll PLazas of the same Concessionaire based on the use of OCR/LPR.


Certification of the Electronic Invoicing Process by the SRI in Ecuador.

Telectrónica certifies the Electronic Invoicing Process in Ecuador for its clients Conorte and Concegua.


Certification of the Electronic Invoicing Process by DGI in Uruguay.

Telectrónica certifies the Electronic Invoicing Process in Ecuador for it client Panavial and in Uruguay for its clients Corporación Vial del Uruguay, Hernandez y Gonzales and Camino a las Sierras.


Development and implementation of the Clearing House Model between Toll Concessionaries nationwide for Uruguay.

Telectrónica integrates a Clearing House Model between Concessions in Uruguay where a user can pay with the same Tag at all Toll Plazas in the country.


Telectrónica launches its new version of the TCP-TOLL Web 2.0 System based on state-of-the-art responsive technology.

Telectrónica incorporates state-of-the-art responsive technology for Mobile Applications to its products, thereby developing an innovative Toll Collection and Control System that can be used both on PCs and on tablets or cell phones.
Accompanying the evolutionary process, the Database Engine is migrated to SQL 2019 and the application of Level 1 (Lane) to C#.


APP Development for Customer Service.

Telectrónica develops an mobile devices APP that allows CUSTOMER management by accessing prepaid account recharges through the use of payment gateways (Peru-Izipay) as well as visualizing the details of the payments made.


First Free Flow Control System and Toll Collection developed and implemented in Latin America.

Telectrónica developed and successfully implemented the integration of a Free Flow Gantry on the Centenario route, in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, for Corporación Vial de Uruguay (CVU). This gantry is Bidirectional, barrier-free and has an analytical image and volumetric classification method.


Free-Flow Control System and Toll Collection in Latin America

Get to know the first Free-Flow Gantry developed and implemented by Telectrónica. Fully autonomous and operational 24/7, capable of integrating to systems in operation with multiple clasification methods.


Implementing the latest technologies in efficient solutions

Get to know our Management and Control System that helps Road Concessions to manage their businesses from any device and efficiently.