Free-Flow Gantry

A Free Flow Control System and Toll Collection developed and integrated by Telectrónica, operating autonomously and in the absence of communications. Integrable to existing systems with multiple validation methods.


Main Features

  • Efficient & Agile
  • Totally Integrable with Existing Systems
  • Autonomous
  • 24/7 Operational even when communications run out
  • Control Type: Unidirectional / Bidirectional
  • Global Redundancy Scheme per Lane


Vehicular Detection

  • Badge Reading (front and rear)
  • RFID TAG reading
  • Volumetric Classification
  • Axle Count and Axle Lifts Count
  • Maximum Detection Speed 75 mph


Two-Lane Architecture

  • Redundancy Principle
    • Gantry Controller duplication
    • RFID Antenna duplication
    • LPR Cameras duplication (front)
    • Inclusion of Rear LPR Cameras
  • Analytic of the passes with their corresponding automatic assignment of Category, TAG and Badge Reading in real time
  • Validation of Transactions at higher levels of the System


Integration into Existing Systems

  • Integrable to the Data Models and Systems developed by Telectrónica in operation with transparency in the Administration of the current Payment Methods and Customers.
  • Maintains same Operational Processes in the Validation and Reporting Model and Interfaces. The Gantry is seen as another Plaza of the Concessionaire.


Graphic Client

  • Adaptation of the Graphic Client to the handling of Alarms in Gantry operation


Validation Client

  • Dynamic and Efficient Validation Scheme
  • Visualization of Automatic Sorting Methods (Plate and Volumetric)