TCP-TOLL Web 2.0

A Management and Control System that helps Road Concessions to manage their businesses from any device and efficiently.

Responsive and intuitive web platform

Scalable and parameterizable

Efficient and dynamic

Developed with the latest technologies


Lane Client

  • Lanes types: Manual, Automatic and Semi-Automatic
  • Collection administration under different Payment Forms
  • Charge by OCR
  • Overrun control (Bypass)
  • Personalized billing on the road (CUIT / RUC / RUT)


Graphic Client

  • Interactive screen with access to live cameras
  • It allows to export data from the grids presented on the screen
  • Integrates multi-station filters
  • Notification, Screens and Alarm Popups (Lane Alarms and Cash Withdrawals)
  • Status query by patent


Treasury Client

  • Multicurrency Settlement
  • Automatic assignment of Work Report
  • Money Crossing Between Work Reports
  • Bank Deposits and Recounts
  • Delivery and Return of Exchange Funds (Simple)


Validation Client

  • Extensive treatment of Anomalies and Fraud Control
  • Quick Keys for repetitive processes
  • Invisible Validation. Learning Rules
  • Grid data export to XLS / PDF
  • Editing and exporting images and video


Customer Client

  • Manual Vouchers Screen
  • Client Administration with Contactless Cards and Tags
  • Recharge Prepaid Media
  • Payment of subscription fees
  • Integration with Electronic Billing